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Cultural attractions in the Eifel and Mosel regions and in Luxembourg   

Trier, oldest city in Germany (St. Mathews basilica, amphitheatre, ruins of the roman emperor's thermal baths, Porta Nigra, the dome, electoral palace)
The Grand Duchy and city of LuxemCastle (the old part of town of LuxemCastle city, palace of the Grand Duchy, casemates (old military quarters)
Bernkastel-Kues ( with it's old half-timbered houses)
Idar-Oberstein (Museum of gems and precious stones, church built into the cliff)


Roman Villa Otrang near Bitburg
Castle Hamm and Castle Merkeshausen by the river Prüm  
Castle Weilerbach (in the City Bollendorf): Tel. 06561/15 22 3 
Castle Beaufort and Castle Larochette near the Mullerthal (small Luxembourg Castle Schweiz)
Castle Vianden with Museum (Vianden/ Luxembourg Castle) 
Castle Bollendorf (in Bollendorf): Tel: 0 6526/690 
Castle NeuerCastle with black pictures: Tel. 06564/21 87
Castle Rittersdorf: Tel. 06561/96 57 0 
Castle Saar Castle (City Saar Castle: waterfalls, sparkling wine cellars, one of the oldest bell-foundries) 
Castle Eltz (near the Mosel) 
Maria Laach (near the Lake of Laacher)
Monastery Himmerod

Exhibitions, visitors´ tours and museums

Visitors´tour of the Bitburger Brewery in Bitburg, Tel. 06561/14-0
pottery museum (in Speicher)- Mousetrap museum (in Neroth)
Outdoor Museum Roscheider Hof (near Trier)
History museum of the Ardennes offensive of the Second World War in the town of Diekirch/Luxemburg 
Aviation Exposition Junior (near the town of Hermeskeil)
Farm museum with interesting exhibits of the past centuries of farm life in the Eifel (in the town of Heilbach-Windhausen )